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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Famous Cakar Ayam (Challenges)


  • To compete with other branded products that contains preservatives and artificial colour
-The Famous "Cakar Ayam" does not use any preservatives in its ingredients. It is to ensure its genuineness of the product and  will not affect the consumers' health. Artificial colour may look attractive but it does not guarantee its goodness. In addition, everybody acknowledges that artificial colour may harm the kidney.

  • To compete with other products that contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
-Snacks with MSG are the most preferable for young children. It tastes better. However, it is the major cause of diseases. MSG is not good for children's brain development.

The Famous Cakar Ayam (Marketing Strategies)

Marketing strategies

  • Packaging
  • Bottling
  • Labeling 
-The significant of these strategies is to attract people to buy the product. Usually, customers will be more attracted to buy something nice in their eyes. 

-On the other hand, these strategies are to ensure the quality of the product in terms of its hygiene. This is the most important factor to consider before a product can be released to purchase.

-Furthermore, to make sure of its genuine identity, labeling is done in order to protect its authenticity.

    The Famous Cakar Ayam (Product)

    Products :

    The unique part about this company is that they produce and sell homemade traditional-Malay snacks. This is to recall the memories of what the older generations had during their time. We are sure that some young generation might already forgotten or probably never knew about it at all. This is where they try to maintain the precious tradition where we could not find somewhere else except Malaysia.
    • Cakar ayam (The main product for this company)
    They are available in many shapes according to the request from customers.

    -There are also some other products sold
    • Tiram pegaga
    • Gula padi
    • Agar-agar kering
    • Kerisik

    The Famous Cakar Ayam (Sponsors)

    Financing agencies:

    • Agriculture Department (Jabatan Pertanian) - training, provide facilities and equipment
    • FAMA - give opportunity to sell product in Mini Market 
    • SIRIM - packaging
    • MITI - financial assistance
    -The company is really thankful for all parties which have given tremendous helps. This kind of helps actually open a room to those who wants to start a small business. People who have the intention to start a business might occur a few financial problems as their barriers. this fears them as they will not be able to continue producing their products without the support of the allies above.

      The Famous Cakar Ayam (Background)

      Background of the company:

      Brand - ROFIDAH

      Company's name - AMIN HAMID ENTERPRISE

      Date of establishment - 23 July 1990

      Workers - 13 family members and 3 workers for manufacturing and packaging

      Location - 131C, Kg Lubuk Katak, Tapah, Perak.

      Marketing location - Agro Bazar, Mini Market, Food Exhibition and Ekspo

      Tuesday, 13 December 2011

      The Famous Cakar Ayam (Intro)

      35000 TAPAH, PERAK

      It's a delicious snacks you cannot resist!!!

      It is a Cassava-based snacks which is well known as "Cakar Ayam"

      It is based on a secret recipe which has been inherited from their ancestor for the last 90 years

      It is to introduce traditional food to new generation


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